Between The Lines: The Great American Drama 2

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btl-logo2American Presidential Debate round 2. The debate turned into and ugly argument with Donald Trump
and Hillary Clinton getting personal. They washed their dirty linen in the public.

Trump crossed all the limits. He declared that if he becomes President of United State, Hillary Clinton will be in jail… Trump blamed Hillary and Obama for everything. Hillary blamed Russia for everything. Tr
ump tried to woo anti-Muslim sentiments while Hillary tried to woo Muslims. Only saving grace was the last question by a gentleman called Karl Becker to both the Presidential Candidates.

Mr. Becker asked Donald and Hillary to name one positive thing that they respect in one another. Hillary smartly avoided the question by saying that she respects Trump’s Children (Hahahahaha). Trump didn’t mince the words, He admitted that he respects Hillary Clinton’s fighting ability… “She never gives up”. (Hope he was not referring to Bill Clinton!)

6dNews brings the tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the debate in a news series, “Between The Lines” by our Editor-in-Chief, Deepak Pachory.

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