BJP Is No More Invincible!

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Pritpal Kaur, 6D Consulting Editor

New Delhi, BJP is no more invincible. Their propaganda machine is faltering as its coming out in open that they couldn’t fulfil their election promises like “Sab ka sath sab ka Vikas” or jobs for every one. The bad effects of demonetisation and GST on Indian economy can become cause of its fall, claims acclaimed journalist & author of book “How BJP Wins,” Prashant Jha,  during a discussion at The Foreign Correspondent’s Club of South Asia in New Delhi in wake of forth coming Gujarat Elections. Election commission has declared dates. Gujarat Elections will be held in two phases on 9th and 14th of December.

Taking stock of the situation prevailing right now in the state of Gujrat, the home state of Prime minster Narendra Modi, the erstwhile chief minister who had played a fruitful yet tainted innings in the state, a discussion was held recently in new Delhi, the hub of political activity, being the national capital.

In the heart of the city’s foreign correspondent club, many foreign journalists as well as home grown talent took part. Speaking on the occasion Shivam Vij, deputy editor of Huffington Post India claimed that Priyanka Gandhi is the victim of patriarchy. Her Grandmother Indira Gandhi’s look alike Priyanka would not mind entering the Frey but she is held back by her ambitious brother Rahul Gandhi owing to her being the daughter of Rajiv Gandhi and not his son.

Using strong words and Speaking in harsh tone Hindustan Times journalist Prashant Jha claimed that BJP uses hate politics in it’s crudest form to win voters, especially in Gujrat. People in general are unhappy with the BJP over demonetization and subsequent hasty implementation of GST.

Poor are angry in general and so are the rich. Rich as being tainted as the thieves is their major grudge against the ‘Hindutv’ party, despite the fact that this Hindutv card is what the party plays with and hopes to win too.

Farmers’ woes and unemployment are the agendas that can pull down BJP substantially but the main reason that goes in BJP’s favour is that Congress has not been able to garner any footage out of BJP ‘s multiple failures.

People are groping in dark in the absence of a clear alternative at their hands.

In 2004 the BJP won and India shining became their agenda. But now people will want to know what have they got in their kitty and their pockets after having BJP in power at the centre for almost four years by now.

A large number of people are still seriously waiting for that fifteen lakh rupees to be deposited in their bank accounts by the centre government as promised.

BJP at this point, at the threshold of Gujrat elections has nothing tangible to offer. The cleanliness can not be an agenda to win votes of the masses. The one happy factor for BJP is that the opposition is equally at a loss. There’s no leadership coming forward from those quarter’s as well. Opposition especially the Congress has failed so far to provide any agenda that may appeal the masses. It has not been even able to rise above it’s internal turbulence and provide a strong leadership. Though it was felt during discussion that Rahul Gandhi is looking much better as politician then earlier and he is taking strong stands while criticising BJP but its still long way to go to become “The Leader.”

Hardik Patel is apparently going to be with the Congress and will garner Patel votes in favour of Congress. Though an average Patel in Gujrat still says that to vote for Congress is akin to destroying my one eye but I will do this to destroy two eyes of the BJP.

The discussion concluded with the comment that BJP is winning because secularism has failed in India in nutshell.  communalism is increasing and advancing by leaps and bounds. Another win of BJP will definitely endorse this fact with greater clarity.

A disturbing as well as warning sign for those who believe in peace and equality and hope for a better India enriched deep in democratic ways.

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