I Would Like To Coach Indian Team – Azhar

Posted by - August 9, 2017

ShareMumbai, Former Indian Captain Mohammad Azharuddin said that he would like to coach Indian team if BCCI clears him and gives him his due. In an exclusive interview with 6D after releasing his mobile Game “Azhar, The Captain”, Azhar said that Board had always been kind and positive towards him. He is looking forwards to

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SRK Comments On GST!

Posted by - July 5, 2017

ShareMumbai, During a film promotion event in Mumbai, when a reporter asked Shahrukh Khan’s reaction on GST, he rubbished it saying, “I have come here to talk about this only… I can talk hours about GST…” and the end expression was something we can’t write. you will have to watch it. Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka

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Sports Is Equally Important – Tiger

Posted by - July 2, 2017

ShareMumbai, Heartthrob Film actor Tiger Shroff insisted that there should be  a balance between education and sports. Tiger was talking to the media at a function organised by an NGO called “Shiksha”. Schools should balance education and sports in 50:50 ratio – Tiger Shroff Replying to the question of a journalist who asked Tiger if

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Yoga 4 Everybody Ep-1 – Bhastrika Pranayama

Posted by - June 27, 2017

ShareYoga Guru Baba Satyawan Shastri Baba Satyawan Shastri is Baba Ramdev’s Guru Bhai. Baba Satyawan Shastri had been performing all difficult Yoga Kriyas for Baba Ramdev. Baba Satyawan has announced his mission “Yoga 4 Everybody” to make Indians healthy” exclusively on 6dnews.com. Yoga 4 Everybody Ep-1 – Bhastrika Pranayama The word “Bhastrika Pranayama” is comes

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भारतीय जूनियर हाकी टीम के हाथों से वर्ल्ड कप गिरा!

Posted by - December 21, 2016

Shareलखनऊ में 17 दिसंबर की शाम भारतीय जूनियर हाकी टीम ने बेल्जियम को दो-एक से हरा कर शानदार और ऐतिहासिक जीत हासिल की। पूरा स्टेडियम ख़ुशी से झूम रहा था, जब उत्तरप्रदेश के मुख्यमंत्री अखिलेश यादव ने भारतीय टीम को वर्ल्ड कप सौंपा। जीत की ख़ुशी में एक पल के लिए तब विराम सा लग

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