An Open Letter To Educators On Teacher’s day!

Posted by - September 5, 2017

ShareTeacher’s day – 5th September. Dear fellow educators, Jem and Scout want to build a snowman after it snows for the first time in their lives, but there isn’t enough snow to do it. Jem has the idea to build the base out of mud and cover the outside with snow. Their father, Atticus, is

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Yoga 4 Everybody Ep-1 – Bhastrika Pranayama

Posted by - June 27, 2017

ShareYoga Guru Baba Satyawan Shastri Baba Satyawan Shastri is Baba Ramdev’s Guru Bhai. Baba Satyawan Shastri had been performing all difficult Yoga Kriyas for Baba Ramdev. Baba Satyawan has announced his mission “Yoga 4 Everybody” to make Indians healthy” exclusively on Yoga 4 Everybody Ep-1 – Bhastrika Pranayama The word “Bhastrika Pranayama” is comes

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बच्चों का मोबाइल एडिक्शन छुड़ाने के नायाब तरीक़े

Posted by - December 21, 2016

Shareक्या आपका बच्चा मोबाइल गेम छोड़ कर बाहर खेलने के नाम चिड़चिड़ाने लगा है? क्या वो स्कूल में पिछड़ रहा है, या फिर रेस्तोरां में भी सबके बीच मोबाइल के बिना शांत नहीं बैठता है? अगर ऐसा है तो मान लीजिए कि आपका बच्चा ख़तरे में है। अब उसका मोबाइल एडिक्शन छुड़ाना निहायत ज़रूरी हो

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