#Ghatak, The Made In India Modern Assault Rifles

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New Delhi. The Indian Army is equipping it’s soldiers with indigenously made modern assault rifle called Ghatak. Since a state-of-the-art assault rifle will cost about Rs. 200,000 (Two Lac) each in the global market, these rifles will be given only to the front line infantry soldiers who confront the enemy armed only with their rifles. Total of Eight Lac rifles are to be procured.

Before going to Army the Ghatak Rifles, are already in service with other big forces such as CRPF and ITBP, both of which are now posted in some of the most operationally critical area i.e Naxal and LAC border.

The Highlights Of The Gun:

HAND GUARD: Its hand guard due to its ergonomic design, the tactical hand-guard has build in quad rail ( Mil specs ) but has much surface covers with smooth fiber, Unlike the once made of complete aluminum are uncomfortable when used in long run without using gloves, In our Army and paramilitary gloves are not an part of fighting kit, Keeping this in mind the design solves the problem. The side rails are most resourceful which are again missing from present serving AK and AKMs, for mounting flash light and essential gadgets in today’s war.

Normal Indian army soldiers

PISTOL GRIP: This grip is originally from Amogh Carbine, Unlike 1B1`s or more accurately AK47`s grip from 60s, This grip is designed keeping ergonomic in mind. The grip is angled and has slots or curves for pre positioning of fingers to place in, Its texture has tiny embedded dots all over its body for a tight and non slippery griping.

SIGHTS: Iron sights are most interesting feature on this Assault rifle and perhaps impressed me the most, The front sights are H&K style front sights, Where as the rear sight is hybrid AK and INSAS 1B1 leaf sight though not foldable.Such a feature will boost confidence while engaging targets at medium range with far better accuracy then using open sights trying to find the tip between the rear sights.

RECIEVER, GAS BLOCK and MUZZL: The basic outer look of the receiver is same as other AK`s around the world, It has the similar selector switch which has similar modes, One is semi other is fully auto and safety, The cocking / charging handle are all similar to an AK`s, However the magazine release and trigger so does assembly is from INSAS 1B1 when looked closely. The receiver is most mysterious part of this rifle, As its looks similar to any other AK`s in the world while its internal working makes its most different than other AK`s around the world. Here the 45 degree gas block is originally from AK design, The barrel is chromed line and its a 16inch one, The front sight is H&K style and the muzzle brake is slant one like found on original design, The muzzle brake is a simple yet efficient design which effectively reduce muzzle climb and rightward muzzle drift during rapid fire. The Magazine here is a license copy of Bulgarian Waffle style 30rnd AK magazine, This get really heavy when fully loaded nearly around 700gms, And their are metal tabs in this which stop it from shredding, Its perhaps the best choice for Ghatak as its this magazine is consider best design. The design is best trade off between strength, Reliability and durability, The magazine has steel reinforcement at various places which increase its durability over other fiber magazine available for AK, Its solid design for Indian requirement which can take harsh punishment from a solider and from nature. According to Ministry of defence, (MOD) Press Release Ghatak assault rifle (7.62X39mm) developed by Rifle Factory Ishapore (RFI) has been cleared by Paramilitary forces. ‘Ghatak’ assault rifle has met all the technical parameters of General Staff Qualitative Requirements (GSQRs) issued by Paramilitary forces which fall under Ministry of Home affairs.

Ghatak 7.62*39 is better than the INSAS 1C because of following reasons:

* It obviously packs more firepower than a 5.56*45 cartridge.

* Already found more customers than INSAS 1C, with approximately 5000 pieces already inducted even before the bigger order placed by ITBP and CRPF in late 2017. After this order the number shall grow to near 8000–10000 pieces which ensures two things:

* Already mass manufacturing machinery is online.

* Tier-2 MSMEs are ready to handle a mega order of almost 6 lakh rifle which will definately increase as other state security agencies will follow up as army place the order.

* For western fanboys it may not be good as it doesnot resembles a short stroke piston or GI mechanism rifle rather has a long stroke piston to remain reliable in more harsh terrain of India.

* Insas is a ghost, it’s name haunts. Let’s learn from it’s shortcomings and move on to something new.

Before going to Army the Ghatak 7.62*39, is already in service with other big forces such as CRPF in Naxal affected area and with ITBP, both of which are now posted in some of the most operationally critical area i.e Naxal and LAC border. So far there has not been any hue and cry regarding the rifle.

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