I’m Not Going Back To Tibet Ever – Dalai Lama

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“I’m Son Of India”

Pritpal Kaur, 6D Consulting Editor

New Delhi, Dalai Lama says he has no intention of leaving India and going back to Tibet. On the occasion of a  lecture held in Delhi on Wednesday in the memory of noted journalist Rajendra Mathur the Nobel laureate Dalai lama spoke about the burning issue of freedom of press.

According to Dalai Lama, the self proclaimed emotional son of India, India is the world’s most densely populated democratic country.  Due to it’s cultural and regional as well as religious diversity it is the most stable country too.

He reiterated the fact that this democracy has always fulfilled its constitutional promise of freedom of speech to its citizens and the press,  and that is the reason this country is stable and thriving despite the tremendous challenges it faces.

Press is free in India and it works for the education of the masses about their concerns and the ways to eradicate their woes by various methods.

He says press is free in India and it works for the education of the masses about their concerns and the ways to eradicate their woes by various methods. He said Indian press is unbiased unlike many countries in the world, especially china. Though he later added that the social  environment in china  too is changing gradually for the better.

He mentioned an anecdote where during a flight some Chinese officials were criticizing Tibet and Dalai Lama and some Chinese businessmen who were present didn’t agree with them and raised their objections saying that they disagree with them on this account.

Dalai lama further added that the Chinese people now don;t hesitate in criticizing their government in public places, which was absolutely unheard of about a decade back. He feels hopeful that with time the whole world is inching towards an open environment, where freedom of speech will be respected and peace will prevail on all quarters.  He says basic human nature is compassionate.  its just that our self  interests make us gullible and we turn into unhappy people for no reason . The need of the hour is to return to our roots and bring happiness in people’s lives and to give people hope.

Dalai lama further says that most of the trouble makers are educated people. They lack in inner values, whereas in India all major religions live together in peace and that happens because of ancient Indian knowledge.

He further adds that he being the disciple of ancient Indian knowledge is now in a position to teach his own guru I.,e. The people of India, their own ancient wisdom. He will stay in India and will teach this ancient wisdom to Indians. Chela will become guru’s guru now.

according to  Dalai lama revival of ancient Indian tradition is vital for the peace and prosperity of the whole world . And it will begin from India only.

He also adds that he is an old man now and finds it tiring to be in mountains because they take up a ,lot of his energy. So of that he will now live in Indian plains. He further ads that western psychology is like kindergarton in comparison to ancient Indian psychology.

on  the question of a possibility of a lady Dalai lama he totally and whole heartedly agreed to the idea with his signature chuckle. And adds.. a beautiful one at that..

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