Between The Lines: Ms. Jayalalithaa: Dead or Alive?

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A leaked voice message of a so called nurse of Apollo Hospital, Chennai, triggered rumors about Tamil Nadu CM Ms. J. Jayalalithaa being “Brain Dead”.

We got hold of the voice message of so called Nurse of Apollo Hospital. Police has booked a woman and two others for the spreading wrong rumors. Tamil Nadu politicians have jumped into matter by demanding CBI inquiry, filed case in the high court to get exact details about Jayalalithaa’s health.

Her supporters are immolating themselves. No one knows What is the truth? Doctors are keeping strict secrecy. But shouldn’t Ms. Jayalalithaa be left alone, can’t we show some sympathy and restrain towards her?

She is recuparating from lungs infection. “Acting CM” O. Panneerselvam held first cabinate meeting with Ms. Jayalalithaa’s photo. P.M. Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit her.

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