New 500 Notes Were Printing With Urjit’s Signature Since 2015!

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Mumbai, A shocking revelation is made by Nasik Currency Note Printing Press that the new 500 Rupee Notes having new RBI Governor Urjit Patel’s signature were being printed since 2015 in Nasik Currency Note Printing Press despite Mr. Urjit Patel resumed office as 24th RBI Governor in September 2016. Nasik Printing Press made this shocking revelation in a reply to RTI filed by RTI Activist Manoranjan Rai. Mr. Rai had been chasing a so-called Currency Note Fraud in Printing Press and RBI. He has filed a PIL in Mumbai Highcourt and his case is under trial. Mr. Rai claims that No new notes are seen with previous governor Raghuram Rajan. He says, All the notes have Mr. Urjit Patel’s signature and if the new notes are being printed since 2015 and no new notes are discarded or have previous governor Raghuram Rajan’s signatures, then its obvious that all the new notes printed between 2015 and september 2016 had Mr. Urjit Patel’s signatures. The currency notes can’t be printed without Governor’s signatures.

In an exclusive interview with 6D, Mr. Rai told us that currency fraud can be the biggest ever fraud in India. It can cross trillions of Rupees. He told us that he had asked Nasik Printing Press to give him information about when and how much new 500 notes were printed since demonetisation. He had also demanded information that since when they stopped Printing old 500 currency Notes. The reply to this question is equally shocking. Despite starting printing of new currency notes they also continues printing old 5oo currency notes. Mr. Rai raises a question that if Government had already decided to “demonetize” the 500 and 1K notes, then why they continued printing old currency? There was large discrepancy found in defected notes in Manoranjan’s earlier RTIs. Mr. Manoranjan asked that did these old notes were published to fill the black money vacuum. Mr. Manoranjan claimed that when he raises a question towards Government’s intention on demonetising the currency, he is abused and threatened as “Traitor”. He asks, so what would you call these corrupt people who are engaged in money laundering in RBI and Currency Priting Press. Mr. Manoranjan has demanded that all the major staff should be given retirement and replaced with all-new young, Educated and honest staff if government is really keen to cleanup RBI and Currency Printing press.

Manoranjan Rai is fighting his lone fight. His petition is pending in Bombay High Court and it should come up for hearing after new RTI reply by Nasik Printing Press is filled in the court.

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