#newton : Newton Tanks Dangal In Oscar Race!

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Pritpal Kaur, 6D Consulting Editor

New Delhi, There is lot of hue n cry over Newton being given ticket to Hollywood (Oscar 2017). Makers of “Dangal” are confused on selection process. They were assured that success of the film internationally has secured Oscar entry for the film but just before dead line could finish, Newton made a thumping entry into fray and stole the ticket right from the most of Dangal, the most successful film in history of Indian Cinema.

Question is what s special in Newton? Why it is selected over film like Dangal? To understand this we have done a “Late Review” of the film.


Nootan Kumar aka self named Newton agrees to take up the election duty in naxal infested chhatisgarh and the plot begins to thicken. Soon you are transported to the dry yet forested lands via a helicopter that caries Newton, a rookie government clerk, his associate another senior clerk Loknath and one help whose sole aim is to enjoy a helicopter ride for may be the only time in his life.

Faced with the apathy of security forces and the looming fear of guerilla attacks by communist rebels, he tries his best to conduct free and fair voting despite the odds stacked against him.

The whole film is a drama revolving around this theme in a highly realistic sequence, frame to frame.

So much so that at some points you feel like sitting in the scene as a character. At other times you begin to forget the presence of celluloid, as the film gives out the fragrance of a play being enacted by stage artists right in front of you.

What’s new in the film or Whats so special about the film that ticket to Oscar 2017 had been handed over to “Newton”? “Is it  better film than Dangal?” Many questions are being raised, but frankly, Newton is new hope for offbeat film makers.

Each and every character of the story in his rightful manner is trying to do their duty to the utmost of their honesty. Newton wants to conduct fair and free elections in a far flung naxal infested area deep in the jungles in a school whose surrounding houses were burnt to ashes and inhabitants moved away in camps. No one is clearly saying who burnt these houses. Each party is blaming the other including the local governance and the para military forces. Locals too have been hired and given guns to fight against their own after they surrender. The rates of surrender are also jokingly added in the drama.

The security in charge is trying in his own way to conduct the elections by rigging the polling. Ultimately they order the villagers to vote and in the process a woman is seen killing two chickens and cooking for the election and security forces. Thus shown the ways of these far flung societies and their relationship with the mighty.

No one knows anything about election or for that matter politics. At different points different people take charge and ultimately election happens among many daring as well as comic situations.

A neat story line with all elements sewn together beautifully. Produced by Manish Mundra and directed by Amit V. Masrukar with honest abandon and charm. All charters do full justice to their charters. Including the young tribal boys who came visiting the election party for intelligence and end up singing for them. Film is slow and in first half an hour it looks like never ending story, but as soon as Newton takes over the job of Election officer, film’s grip tightens over viewer. Rajkumar Rao is usual self but the rest of the cast is brilliant, special the tribals. Kudos to the director and casting director to pull off with such local cast. Newton is completely Director’s film.

In nutshell a move for every one to watch who have the tiniest interest in the working of a huge democracy like ours at the grass root level.

“Newton” is selected as Indian entry for 2017 Oscar Awards beating films like Dangal in the race. Whst’s new in the film or Whats so special about the film that Indian ticket to Oscar 2017 had been handed out to “Newton”? “Is it  better film than Dangal?” Many questions are being raised, but frankly, Newton is new hope for offbeat film makers.


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