Rakhi Sawant Hazir Ho

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Rakhi Sawant is back in action thanks to Punjab Police. After an arrest warrant was issued against Rakhi Sawant for allegedly hurting the sentiments of Valmiki community by calling the sage a murderer, she called a press conference denying that she was arrested or Punjab Police came knocking at her door. I did not receive any notice or summon in regard to the warrant. I too got to know from the media this morning that police is coming to arrest me, because allegedly I told something wrong against sage Valmiki. I respect him and Valmiki community a lot. I don’t know why I am being targeted. Rakhi looked quite defiant in the press conference. She went on to challenge the Judge also who has issued arrest warrant. She said,

Rakhi described the incidence saying that she had called the press conference to support her “Good Friend” Mika who was being targeted by some woman for sexual harassment.

She though apologised for hurting sentiments of the Balmiki Samaaj. Rakhi said that she only said what she had learnt in school books, if books and that if she has hurt the sentiments of anyone; she is sorry for the same. I love Valmiki Bhagwan,” she concluded. Here is Rakhi Sawant’s “not-be-missed” full interview.

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