#sanjaymishra : Forgetting Our Literature Is A Tragedy!

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Sanjay Mishra Pours Out His Heart On

Dominance Of Pulp In Hindi Cinema

Pritpal Kaur, 6D Consulting Editor

New Delhi, The very talented and noted actor sanjay Mishra is a sad man today. He feels that the parents of our times are not doing enough while raising their children as responsible and art appreciating individuals. Sanjay came down hard on the cheapness in the main stream Hindi cinema objecting to the songs like “Baby Ko Base Pasand Hai,”  saying, “can you imaging you daughter singing a song like this.” He said, “it’s a tragedy that we are forgetting our literature and pulp is taking its place in the Indian cinema.”



“How many mothers play Raag Bhiarvi in the morning while waking up their kids for school?”

Sanjay poured out his heart during an exclusive interview with 6D on the occasion of a curtain raiser of his new film Kadvi Hawa where he plays the protagonist who is a blind man of seventy and is under the weather for no apparent fault of his. As he has left zero carbon footprints and yet is at the receiving end of environment change to the worst in parched Odessa,.. he talks about his journey as an actor.

Sanjay raises a very valid and heart breaking question when he asks, “how many mothers play Raag Bhiarvi in the morning while waking up their kids for school?” instead you can listen to all the popular songs that have sometimes sleazy lyrics being played on social functions and homes of the people in general. And kids are made to dance to these tunes. If someone tries to reason it out the parents argue that these dances fill their kids with the energy.

Sanjay considers himself as a ,man of simple means and a man OF masses. He accepts that during his early years he was typecast as a  comedy actor with a certain kind of twist to his personality but with the time his potential was realized in the Bollywood industry and he landed roles like Aankhon Denkhee and now Kadvi Hawa. “Now film makers are creating stories keeping me in mind,” claims Sanjay.  He says that this makes him satisfied with his own  journey and hopeful for his future in the cinema industry of bollywood.

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