Darjeeling Burning!

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Darjeeling, The unrest in Darjeeling is growing day by day demanding for a separate state and a call for greater development. The protesters are in the streets participating in the march wearing black armbands and waving black flags as they chant slogans for GORKHALAND and justice. However, the problem here is that the agitation shown by the Gorkhaland for this demand is just not viable. The area is so small comprising of one parliamentary seat and two assembly constituencies.

India would not have 29 states but 290. And it would be completely chaotic and ungovernable.

If such parameters were accepted for forming new states, India would not have 29 states but 290. And it would be completely chaotic and ungovernable. Darjeeling receives half a million domestic tourists and 50,000 foreign tourists a year. This summer, in holiday season, a tourism economy worth hundreds of crores has been crippled according to a source. From the ordinary roadside vendor and the tourist guide to the hotel owner and the tourist bus operator, thousands have been affected. All because the “Gorkha Janmukta Morcha” (GJM) is worried its corruption will be exposed and ordinary people want peace and development.
The chief minister of west Bengal, Mumta Banarjee has put her foot forward and she emotionally and eloquently put it, “Shops are closed and people have to suffer without any fault of theirs. Snatching someone’s livelihood is not politics but hooliganism. We will bring an end to it for the sake of peace in Darjeeling. I will give my blood, but will not allow anyone to conspire to push Darjeeling into danger. Development work will continue and there should be an end to this deep-rooted conspiracy. If there are misgivings, dialogue works best, within the framework of the Indian constitution. But before that violence has to stop. There can be no negotiations at gunpoint.”

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