#GujaratElections : Why Satta is Favouring BJP?

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Vivek Agrawal, Consulting Editor, 6D

Mumbai, 15 December 2017, Bookies still says that BJP will form the government in Gujrat despite great efforts of opposition.

Bookmakers says that BJP may not cross more then 105 Seats. If crossed 110, it is clear that something went wrong in election process.

A bookmaker said that North Gujrat vote turnout is very high and may be effect of Patidar/ Patel reservation movement. This huge vote turnout may effect BJP.


BJP Seats / odds & rate

Congress seats & odds
Seats / rate
91 / 22 p
100 / 80 p
105 / 1.20 Rs
110 / 2 Rs
115 / 2.50 Rs
120 / 4.25 Rs

60 / 40 P
65 / 80 P
70 / 1.30 Rs
75 / 2 Rs
80 / 2.50 Rs

*Satta rates revised as on 15 December 2017*

A bookmaker who belongs to Gujrat informed that adjoining areas of Tapti and Narmada river are tribal belts and voting turnout also crossed significantly. Bookies says that this may be a ploy of BJP to win the polls in Gujrat.

He said that today Congress approached the Supreme Court of India regarding EVM issues and mischievous acts. This will also effect the business in next 3 days.

Bookies also inform that till date batting crossed the 25 thousand crores mark. In next 3 days it will cross 35 thousand crores In rupees.

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