I Would Like To Coach Indian Team – Azhar

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Mumbai, Former Indian Captain Mohammad Azharuddin said that he would like to coach Indian team if BCCI clears him and gives him his due. In an exclusive interview with 6D after releasing his mobile Game “Azhar, The Captain”, Azhar said that Board had always been kind and positive towards him. He is looking forwards to play a role in BCCI, unconditionally.

On Wednesday, 9th Aug 2017,  the Committee of Administrators “COA” of BCCI headed by the President Mr. C.K. Khanna, and Secretary Mr. Amitabh Chaudhari met in New Delhi to discuss Mr. Azharuddin’s matter. Sources from BCCI reveal that all the board members decided unanimously that there is nothing pending against Mr. Azharuddin and BCCI legal team has given the decision on Azhar’s favour making it absolutely clear now that he’s going to get all his dues in next SGM meeting . It’s a great relief for Mr. Azhar. The official communication is awaited. BCCI has not yet released any press statement in this regard.

It has been almost five years since the Andhra Pradesh High Court had ruled that the Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI) life ban on former Indian skipper Mohd Azharuddin in the aftermath of the match-fixing saga was ‘illegal’ and ‘unsustainable’.

Despite the clear verdict, the BCCI choose to keep the Damocles sword hanging over the Hyderabadi batsman’s head. Neither did the BCCI contest the court verdict nor did it officially revoke the ban. This anomaly came to haunt Azhar earlier this year when he wanted to contest the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) elections. The Returning Officer disqualified Azhar on the ground that the BCCI had not revoked his ban.

Azhar has written to the BCCI bosses including president Mr. C.K. Khanna, secretary Mr. Amitabh Choudhary and even to the Committee of Administrators (CoA) asking them to clear his dues which include the one-time benefit given to the former captains of the Indian team. Sources informed 6D that Azhar had asked the board officials to consider his compensation package as he was exonerated by the High Court way back in 2012.

BCCI Sources said that the matter of giving Azhar his compensations will now be discussed at the BCCI general body meeting. When we spoke to Azhar’s manager Mr. Anas Baqai, he clarified, “Azhar didn’t ask for any specific amount as his compensation.” But sources speculate that the BCCI, if it considers paying him, will calculate his compensations like pension from the time the Court revoked his ban.

BCCI had always been kind and positive towards me – Azhar


Youth to stay away from the drugs and other intoxicants – Azhar

While talking about the recent development regarding his position with BCCI and the meeting being called to sort out Azhar’s future, Azhar said that , BCCI had been always very positive to him despite all the ruckus that had happened in the past. They respect his contribution to the game of cricket. He hoped that his request to clear his dues will be looked into generously. He said that he is looking forward to play any role in BCCI unconditionally, whether it is in admin or as coach of the cricket team. He summed up saying, patience and determination both are very important specially when trouble trikes on you. He plead to the youth to stay away from the drugs and other intoxicants, and focus on their future.


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