Indian Army Can Crush Pak Army In Few Days.

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New Delhi. Indian Army Can Swamp Pakistan In Few Days. In the wake of American sanctions against Pakistan, the defence equilibrium between India and Pakistan is going to be badly. The recent comparative research reveals that Indian Army can crush Pakistan’s Army in just a fort night. Due to constant efforts of DRDO and other agencies, India is soon going to be self-sufficient in arms and ammunition production. This also gives a sharp edge over Pakistan which is dependent of American and Chinse help.

Times has changed since independence in 1947. First let us see the troops from both sides. Modern TAR 21 and M4 rifles, Bullet proof vests and Individual communication sets. Some wear bullet proof vests, no individual communication, older G3 and Ak rifles. Normal Indian army soldiers have good rifles and individual communication sets and comparably well equipped compared to Pak army. Both Indian and Paki special forces are well equipped with western rifles and communication systems.


Regarding air force INDIA is way ahead of PAF. SU-30 MKI is more advanced than what PAF has in its inventory. PAF F-16s are older models whereas IAF has more capable aircrafts like MIG-29 SMT, Dassault Mirage -2000 and indigeneous HAL TEJAS. MIG-29 and Mirages are superior to JF-17s in PAF. So the IAF has both quality and quantity. IAF has more better pilots due to more training hours, exercises with US, British, French and Russian air forces gives IAF pilots an edge over PAF. In 1965, IAF lost more planes because IAF was on offensive and PAF had superior aircrafts like F-86 sabres. Now in 2017 IAF has quality and quantity over PAF.


In has more technologically advanced stealth ships, Indigenous ship building industry, air craft carriers, Naval Aviation with 60 fighters MIG 29K and Sea Harriers. Tonnes of experience in using aircraft carriers. IN has all varieties of ships includes Destroyers, Frigates, Aircraft carriers, Corvettes, Amphibious assault, Landing ships, Nuke subs etc. IN is a three dimensional Navy. PN on other had is very small and has only light frigates and Patrol boats. No nuke subs. No fighter aircrafts in Naval Aviation. India has clear advantage over Pakistan in all the aspects.


India is the 5th largest defense spender in the world with 56 billion overtaking UK, FRANCE and JAPAN. And it only 2.5 % of India’s GDP. Pakistan is the 23rd largest defense spender in the world with 9 billion. It is 3.4 % of Pakistan’s GDP.

Indian Army is not only well equipped and larger force than Pak Army but its also economically stronger than their counterparts. The major difference between two armies is that Indian army’s moral and emotional values are way higher than Pakistanis. India doesn’t believe in attacking. India believes in defence and attack only when enemy attacks. And may be that is the reason Pakistan keeps attacking us. May be time has come that India should change its policy and start using “Attack is the Best Defence” policy to teach Pakistan a lesson or two.

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