#nomakeup selfie: Really???

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Asali Kya Hai, Nakali Kya Hai, Check It Out!

Pritpal Kaur Chandi, 6D               Consulting Editor

The week that just passed witnessed a different kind of storm on the face book, the major harbinger of social media, especially in India. Women from almost all walks of life were seen posting their supposedly make-up free and natural selfies. The idea was to click a selfie while being completely devoid of any make-up and post it on your face book time line with this declaration. While posting these selfies these women were also nominating and challenging other women face book friends to do the same.

While it can be seen as a welcome gesture to garner self-confidence among women about their individuality and personalty as well as gaining self esteem. It also helped in paving the way to remove inhibitions regarding social taboos related to colour, set definitions about that classic beauty and throwing those male dominated opinions about the beauty of women in general out of the window.  But this storm of selfies raised many new questions too in it’s wake.

Men Are Not Behind!

While looking at these selfies closely it was found that a few of these selfies were defying the very purpose this call was sent about.

These selfies were blatantly showing eye-liners and lipsticks on the faces of the subject. Though the call was for natural and make-up free look and it was not clear whether one should or should not consider their own normal routine look to be normal. Many of them took liberty and clearly mentioned that this is how they look on the daily basis.

Some of them took the call very seriously and washed their faces to glow in the glory of a naturally beautiful skin and gifted features before clicking their selfie. Some mentioned the cold weather of that time to be the reason for their pink complexion and not the make-up. Some mentioned that their kajal never wears off totally as they apply it daily. And so on.

In nutshell it was a well played and well participated game that stirred a hornet’s nest and women were seen competing on this front with a lot of zeal. Some were very honest with their approach as they even otherwise claimed to not to be using any make-up in their lives. A few posted the selfie and forgot to remove the make-up as its part of their life.

Make-up or no make-up is a personal choice. But this event created a lot of questions in it’s wake.  Some women are in professions where make-up is a necessity. Some men too are in such professions. Then why this hue and cry? And why would some people feel superior for the simple reason that they do not use make-up for they have the best of beauty coming naturally to them? There are many jokes too about women being too made up and not looking their normal self.

All said and done, this new game on face book had many players playing it with obvious glee. Some were left out and were seen lamenting about not being nominated and some were seen cursing their own less (?) beautiful faces. Some were seen explaining how from the day one they had not been  using any make-up at all. It was a game clearly of being upfront, whatever the stakes were.

Then there was this another call  under the garb of this same natural selfie game for the make-up industry too. Where women were asked to post more and more make-up less selfies so that the make-up industry goes down past GST, as the prices of make-up essentials have gone up.

It was fun galore all over the face book yet there was some serious discourse attached to it too. Women one more time raised this issue of stereo type beauty. One more time there were many posts asking women to revisit their perceptions about beauty and come to terms with their bodies as they are as well as their individuality.

Though it stared as a fun game, this make-up less selfie ended up creating a large number of women self aware about their individuality and making them understand their own sensibilities without the hindrance from outside interferences, including make-up and men’s ideas about beauty.

Though many men expressed their indifference towards make-up by admitting that they hardly notice the difference between the made-up or a non made-up face of a woman, unless there is some highly extra ordinary difference that stands put.

Interestingly a few men too posted their selfies showing their solidarity with the natural selfie women brigade. One such individual even posted his selfie with tears rolling down his cheeks, showing the week side of his supposedly macho image, expressing his solidarity with women who were breaking stereo types by posting supposedly ugly looking selfies of theirs’.

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