Sports Ministry Launches “Slum Adopt” Scheme!

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 Municipal Council MembersWill Be The Guardians Of Slums

Pritpal Kaur Chandi, 6D Consulting Editor

New Delhi, There is no doubt about the fact that our metropolitan cities are run by a group of people who themselves are under privileged yet they provide for all the facilities to those who are the privileged ones and reside in these posh high-rise buildings or large bungalows. These are the underdogs who migrate from small towns and villages to build these slums just under our eyes which we tend to ignore.

Nevertheless theses slums add another dimension to our very own existence. These are eyesores for sure, add an ugly face to our otherwise landscaped existence and also add sometimes another unwanted dimension i.e. crime. Yet these very slums provide us on the daily basis with the workforce that we need to exist, for our fast paced lives would come to a halt otherwise.

Looking at up-coming 2019 election, this can be interpreted as the massive vote bank identification in pretext of Sports Ministry.

The ministry of sports and youth affairs is on the way to launch a massive welfare programme by the name of ‘adopt a slum’. Under this programme the ministry will prepare a list of all slums under all lok sabha, vidhan sabha and municipalities.

Sources say, The massive profiling of the slum population by sports ministry in name of Sports Talent Hunt is a little surprising move. Looking at up-coming 2019 election, this can be interpreted as the massive vote bank identification in pretext of Sports Ministry. No one till date has ever tried such targeted profiling of the slum’s youth. Youth is the tomorrow and more aggressive clan. Their aggregation with Government will not only influence the areas political scenario but also give it a sustainable vote bank.

As per the statistics provided by the sports ministry, in Delhi itself there are 700 slums. During the first step of this programme 100 slums will be earmarked and adopted. The following agencies will work here:

# Nehru youth organization


#Scouts and guides

# N.C.C. students

In addition to these agencies, hose NGOs too will be roped in who would express their desire to be a part of this programme. If some neighbouring RWA would want they too would be added as the caretakers of these particular slums. Even Rotary club as well as Lion clubs and other social service groups  too will be roped in as well as business houses and industry houses of repute.

The slum team:

Delhi team will have 70 members. Every Lok sabha’s every district’s team will have 40 members, municipality’s each team 11 members and every slum will be constituted of 5 members.

The members of municipal council will be the guardians of their area’s slums. Each slum will have a team of 11 guardians whose ages should be between 15 to 29, though this limit can be extended up to 35 years in special cases.

In this 11 member team at least four members should be women. They must be the residents of that area only. 4 members can be taken from other areas.  All the members will be issued T-shirts by the ministry so that when they enter the slums they are easily recognized.

The process:

First of all the detailed information about that slum would be gathered including all families, their house numbers, polling booths, total population, their religion and caste, total number of youth, their problem areas, basic amenities, water, electricity, sewer, toilets, cleanliness situations, health facilities. Doctors, playing grounds etc.

Later each and every family’s details would be forwarded to the ministry. And that includes

names of the family head, age, business, education qualification, domicile, caste and religion, monthly income, adhaar number, total number of children, their education etc.

Adopted slums’ prominent people will be taken into confidence and introduced to the members of the team and forms will be filled for each family in detail. Members will visit each family and explain their motive and work to all, including women and youth.

List of all the youth between the ages of 15 to  30 will be made and furnished to the ministry with their details and mobile phone numbers. To win their confidence various competitive games will be organized among the children like music, games, drawing and painting etc. Medical camps to be organized. Cleanliness drives to be successfully done. Women organizations to be formed at the local level and getting them mobilized for the welfare of the slum.

So far the situation of these slums is not very encouraging as only 55 percent of these have pucca houses. Drinking water is scarce. Sewerage system is less than poor. Roads are either non-existent or badly damaged. Electricity distribution is only for the 17 percent of the population roughly. Medical facilities too are almost negligible.


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