The Royal Love Story

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Nivedita Mukerjee

Monday after Easter Sunday being a bank holiday was predicted to be sunny and dry – and thus a fine morning to plan a family day out in the English country side. The possibility of reaching a vast medieval fortress, an hour’s drive from Edingale on the way to Cambridge, made it even more inviting. Forts, as you may already know from some of my earlier blog posts, are my most favourite kind of historical monuments.

Kenilworth went on to become an Elizabethan palace and is among Britain’s biggest historic sites. Then ofcourse, there’s the added pathos in imagining the royal love story of Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley.

Castle history – bite size

It is located in Kenilworth, in Warwickshire, England.
Constructed and embellished from Norman to Tudor times, over several centuries.
The 1266 siege of Kenilworth is believed to be the longest in Britain that lasted 6 months
The castle was partly destroyed and ruined, only two of its buildings remain habitable now.
It was John of Gaunt who turned the fortress castle into a palace in the 1360s. He enlarged the domestic quarters and built the Great Hall which you can see today while imagining the grandeur.
It has been a tourist destination since the 18th century. During this Victorian period it became famous after the publication of Sir Walter Scott’s novel Kenilworth which narrated the story of Amy Dudley’s tragic death, her passionate love for Robert Dudley, the 1st Earl of Leicester – who in turn, keeping his marriage a secret, courts Queen Elizabeth I.

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Kenilworth Castle and the royal love story

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