Why Would PM Follow A ‘Nobody’!

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Pritpal Kaur, Consulting Editor, 6D

 News Fraternity Raises Questions During A Protest Meet @ Press Club!

New Delhi, Its been almost a week since journalist Gauri Lankesh, the noted Kannada journalist was murdered in cold blood right outside her home in Bangaluru, But what is more shocking that killers are still at large and certain section of the socio-politico nexus is bombarding social media justifying killing of a woman. How can murder of a citizen be justified? by any one. The top Journalists of India gathered at Press Club Of India, New Delhi. They took strong objection at the propaganda against Gauri Lankesh and demanded action against miscreants and killers. Ajit Anjum, Ravish Kumar, Barkha Dutt, Mrinal Pande spoke during protest meeting.

Amidst all speculations, verbal attacks, her character assassinations, sympathies, pointing fingers, mainstream as well as social media trials; one do hear a word so many times that one sits back and ponders if this word really mean something?

Is this phrase actually that loaded to carry the burden of a murder so heavy in it’s nature and magnitude The phrase is cliché used so graciously that it has lost most of it’s sheen over the period. ‘GRUESOME MURDER’.

Can any murder be UN-gruesome?

A woman or for that matter a man who is devoted to a cause in their life and work tirelessly towards fulfilling it,  make it a dream of their life to be fulfilled, has every right in the world to do that. In any country of this world. More so in our very own India, as we are supposedly the largest democracy in the present world.

But can one really do that?

Gauri Lankesh With Student Leader Kanhaiya Kumar and Umar Khalid.

Many of this tribe and other tribes too had been brought to the end of their lives by cutting it short by unruly elements. These unwanted elements originate on this very soil that had bread these martyrs too.

When will we sit back and ponder over this trend? Think beyond the emergence of these terrible trends and take proper steps to end it?

Where does this lead us to? What should we do with the legal system, law and order regime and right to freedom of speech and other rights, including the right to live provided within the framework of the constitution of India, the largest democracy of this world? The rights our constitution promises us needs to be addressed by the governments chosen by us, the people of India.

What exactly are they doing? Besides blaming each other for failure of the system and lauding themselves over the successes borrowed from the projects started by the previous governments.

Yes, the probe has begun in the murder of Gauri Lankesh. Of course, her mortal remains had been buried with full state honour. Her legacy will continue to grow.

What will happen after the real culprits are identified and taken into custody? The charges will be framed, justice will take it’s course and may be the culprits will be punished too.

But where does this end?

There are rumours of a hit list being circulated all around of people from the journalistic fraternity that will be executed by apparently ‘hardcore nationalists’ on the lines of the hit lists that had been prepared and circulated by many extremist organizations all over the world since many years.

Are we witnessing another uprising? Another surge of one more extremist group that doesn’t believe in the age old Indian and Hindu doctrine that believes in ‘वासुदेव कुटुम्बकम’.

These are a few questions that are hung in the air after the murder of Gauri Lankesh.

The long list of other journalists that were killed for expressing their views too wait in the wings. These questions are as gruesome as all the murders are. Each has to be addressed by competitive authorities if we want to continue to be considered the largest democracy on the map of the world we live in.

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